Copper Wire Consulting, LLC
Providing Creative Sales Coaching & Business Consulting

Copper Wire Consulting, LLC

Creative Sales Coaching
& Business Consulting Services

Providing creative sales coaching & business consulting for the Insurance & Financial Services professional

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When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world
— George Washington Carver


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There are two monthly coaching  memberships offered... Platinum and Gold.  Platinum memberships include a full day per month 10 months out of each year at your office location customized to your desired outcomes.  Typical services include Sales Training, Business Development & Target Prospecting, Case Consultation/Case Design, Strategic Business Planning and Execution, Team Accountability, etc...  Also included are access to the Weekly Webinars - "Risk Management Strategies", Access to a state of the art online financial services sales training platform two live workshop vouchers, discounts on additional workshops, and on demand assistance on Monday's and Friday's by appointment.  Gold Memberships include essentially identical benefits as Platinum Membership, but are structured in half days each month or full days every other month depending on client preference and travel.  Monthly coaching spots are limited.  For further information, please contact Travis to set up a phone consultation. 

We are currently exploring the idea of forming two to three monthly or bi-monthly Coaching Groups with a minimum of four agents... maximum of seven.  Groups would meet every month or every other month depending on the group's preference.  Content of the meetings would include but not be limited to Sales Training on Intermediate & Advanced Insurance & Financial Services concepts, Peer to Peer accountability, & Peer to Peer sharing of Business and Sales best practices.  Please contact Travis for next steps.    

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